We are Fred and Cristina Felten.
We moved to Florida 23 years ago and full filled our dream-  Felten Video.
Both of us are professional photographers.
Fred spent many years in the AV department in a college upstate New York.

2,200 Events later, we retired from videotaping, editing and coordinating big weddings.
We remain Professional, Experienced and Reliable videographers.
We now work from home; a quiet environment, where we are able to dedicate you our personal attention.
We specialize in small, maximum 3hour events
and transfer or convert your personal Memories .

As we were downsizing we saw the need to preserve our precious Memories. (Our past)
So we invested our love into people’s treasures.

We have listened comments like this:
“I am afraid to hand over or mail all my memories to strangers”
“Will they be taken care of?”
“Will they return the originals?”
“Treat them as if they are their own?”